Cloud Service Shopping

    • We will help you to find the right cloud based applications

       for your business

    • CRM

    • Accounting

    • Inventory Management

    • Engineering Design

    • Marketing

    • Order Management

    • Billing 

    • Human resources

    • Global Outsourcing


I.   Secure Infrastructure Design to Enable Cloud Savings

II.  Helping You to Find the Right Cloud Services for Your Business

III. Ensuring Compliance with Regulations and Standards

Infrastructure Design for Cloud Readiness

    • ‘Current State’ Infrastructure/Live Security Audit

    • ‘Current State’ Security Audit

    • Current Known Needs/Compliance Analysis

    • Future State Business Definition

       (define growth/efficiency improvement targets)

    • Future State Compliance Impacts

    • Design for Cloud Ready Current/Future State Optimization

    • Infrastructure Upgrade Implementation Services

    • Long Term Compliance and Security Threat Monitoring

Ensuring Compliance While Migrating to Cloud Services

    • 5 examples of the more than twenty high–profile regulations

       that demand audited proof of internal controls:

    • Basel II accord for risk management in banking

    • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) for public corporations

    • Federal Information security Management Act (FISMA)

    • Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for credit card processing

    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)

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